Family Law Assistance

Parting ways irretrievably with your partner is very stressful especially if children are involved. Complicated issues such as the division of the net asset pool; determination of the amount of contact with your children and the finalisation of orders only adds to the stress.

If not carefully managed and handled by experienced and competent family law solicitors — such as those employed by Romans and Romans Lawyers — the hurt and stress may linger for years.

Importance of engaging Romans and Romans Lawyers who are experienced Brisbane Family Lawyers

Sadly, no party wins when the relationship breakup. The ending of your relationship could be the most painful event in your life and in that of your children’s. If you must part ways, it needs to be lawfully formalised so as to avoid future conflict and uncertainty. Once your case is handled professionally by Romans and Romans Lawyers, an established family law firm in Brisbane, you can separate as amicably as possible and continue regular contact with your children.

Romans & Romans Family Law Services

We provide a comprehensive array of family law services as follows:

  • Our lawyers represent our clients in negotiating for urgent financial support after divorce or separation including spousal maintenance and property settlement.
  • Specialising in family law in Brisbane, they can also help resolve complicated matrimonial property issues that involve cross-border matters, trusts, companies, or rural properties with farming business.
  • We likewise negotiate property settlements involving smaller property pools comprising a business or any residential property.
  • We also help settle our clients’ obligations regarding future financial support for their partners and children.
  • Our family law solicitors also help protect the assets of our clients when they are remarried or are entering into a new relationship by drawing binding financial agreements.
  • Children matters such as helping you prepare a parenting plan or reach an agreement on Consent Parenting Orders.

As Brisbane family lawyers, we know how emotionally challenging it is to see our clients fighting with their former spouses in court. To avoid this scenario, we encourage the spouses engage in alternative dispute resolution processes such as negotiation or mediation. But if these initial pre-court mechanisms fail to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you, we will assist and represent our clients tenaciously throughout the entire court process.

For many years Romans and Romans Lawyers have maintained our reputation as a family law firm in Brisbane who can provide professional and practical legal assistance and services. Our perennial quest in advising each of our valued clients is to guide them through the daunting court process in a cost effective and “stress less” manner. We derive pleasure in assisting our clients to move forward in their lives as quickly as possible.

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